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New York Cardinal blames marketing for marriage equality’s recent victories

New York Cardinal blames marketing for marriage equality’s recent victories

When it comes to gay marriage, New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan thinks the Catholic Church has been ‘out-marketed.’

Dolan, who just completed a term as chairman of the US Conference of Catholic Bishops, sat down with the NBC News show Meet The Press. The entire interview will air tomorrow, 1 December.

‘I think maybe we’ve been out-marketed, sometimes,’ the influential cardinal said.

‘We’ve been caricatured as being anti-gay. When you have forces like Hollywood, when you have forces like politicians, when you have forces like some opinion-molders that are behind it, it’s a tough battle.’

Despite this, Dolan promised the Catholic Church is ‘not going to give up’ its disapproval of same-sex marriage.

This is the second time this year the cardinal complained about better public relations concerning marriage rights.

‘We got to be – we got to do better to see that our defense of marriage is not reduced to an attack on gay people,’ Dolan noted in a 31 March interview for the ABC News show Meet the Press.

‘And I admit, we haven’t been too good at that. We try our darndest to make sure we’re not an anti-anybody.’

In 2012 September, Dolan gave the benediction at the Democratic National Convention. The party platform, for the first time, supported same-sex marriage but the cardinal offered a mild rebuke.

‘Empower us with your grace, so that we might resist the temptation to replace the moral law with idols of our own making, or to remake those institutions you have given us for the nurturing of life and community,’ Dolan said in the benediction.