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New York City LGBTI center slammed for hosting Republican event

New York City LGBTI center slammed for hosting Republican event

Blaire White lgbt center under fire republican event

An LGBTI center in New York City has come under fire for agreeing to host a Republican event.

The Center agreed to host an LGBT Town Hall hosted by right wing campaign group Walk Away. The movement hopes to get LGBTI people to leave the Democractic Party for the Republicans.

The event is due to take place Thursday 28 March.

AIDS activist Jason Rosenberg tweeted a screenshot of an advert for the night in LGBTI publication Get Out Magazine. He’s a member of ACT UP, who meet weekly at the Center since it started in 1987.

The ad reads: ‘More than 80% of LGBT Americans are voting Democrat. They use lies, fear mongering, fake news, hate and division to keep us coming back.

‘We’re going to change all that.’

The panel includes #WalkAway founder Brandon Straka, political commentator Rob Smith, writer Mike Harlow, and conservative trans YouTuber Blaire White.

White has videos on subjects like ‘There Are Only 2 Genders’, ‘Fat Acceptance is Stupid’, and called nonbinary identities ‘largely bullshit’.

Widespread criticism

Rosenberg wrote on Twitter: ‘Like are y’all that desperate for money? This is incredibly egregious that you’d host an event where panelists have used queer slurs and stood behind policies that put the community at great risk. Stand for something. SOMETHING.’

The Center has responded to criticism on their own Twitter. They said: ‘All groups utilizing space at The Center must execute a Space Use Agreement and agree to our Space Use Terms and Conditions, Code of Conduct and Pledge of Non-discrimination.

‘We acknowledge the diversity of our community’s perspectives, and while we may be disgusted by or reject the ideas some groups espouse, we will not stand in the way of their right to say them.

‘Our responsibility is to provide space for connecting and organizing across our diverse viewpoints, not to censor.’

Get Out Magazine has also responded to criticism: ‘Everyone gets a voice in my America  Sorry guys   I live in a country of freedom of speech. how I grew up is to listen and speak .i listen to everyone and make my own choice   But I do live in this country with many other ppl #living in a world together with free speech [sic.]’

Giving a voice

CNN slammed Walk Away in July ahead of the 2018 midterms, calling them ‘pure propaganda’. They linked the hashtag #WalkAway with Russian bots attempting to influence the election.

Journalist Philip Henry slammed the Center’s response: ‘You should be embarrassed by this response. This group is going to walk in and spew out to a bunch of people how they shouldn’t be upset if other people deny them services/rights based on theirs beliefs, yet you didn’t hold your own enough to them they shouldn’t be either.

‘Also, not hosting this group, which operates in bad faith, intentionally spreads lies and denies the existence of non-binary/gender fluid folks is not standing in their way. They can spew their hate literally so many places that aren’t safe spaces for LGBTQ people.

‘Also the fact you don’t realize that they chose an LGBTQ safe space specifically so that it could add validity to their misinformation and nonsense.’

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