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WATCH: NYC subway station bursts into spontaneous party after Robyn gig

WATCH: NYC subway station bursts into spontaneous party after Robyn gig

Happy fans dancing to LGBTI pop icon, Robyn's Dancing On My Own, in Penn Station, New York City

Belting ‘Dancing On My Own,’ it was safe to say nobody on the E train at Penn Station was dancing on their own when the train burst into dance.

Following a Robyn concert at Madison Square Gardens last weekend (9 March), subway commuters at the midtown station burst into a spontaneous dance party.

The Swedish singer herself even posted about the after-party.

She wrote: ‘I’m overwhelmed. Someone just posted this video and I can’t believe the love in this subway station. Thank you New York.’

‘I’m right over there, why can’t you see me?’

The platform for the E train on 34th Street/Penn station was rammed with devoted dancers and passionate singers.

Many commuters the opposing platforms recorded the dance routine.

So, while Robyn chirped about her beau not seeing her across the crowded club floor, it’s safe to say all of New York saw these fans dancing altogether.

We’re hoping they brought the Robyn tunes across the E train, from the World Trade Centre in Manhattan to Jamaica Center-
Parson in Queens.

Eight years coming

Robyn’s gig at the Gardens, between 7th and 8th Avenues from 31st to 33rd Streets, was a long time coming.

No wonder fans cut some shapes while waiting on their train home, considering the singer dropper her first single adder eight years only just last year.

Similarly, the song, Missing U, was all about the feelings of, well, missing someone.

Robyn’s last albums, Body Talk Part One and Two, came out in 2010. That was the last time she had any new singles as well.

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