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New York home defaced with anti-gay slur

New York home defaced with anti-gay slur

Wynantskill, New York home vandalized with the term 'Jenner Fags'

The home of a New York gay couple was vandalized with the slur ‘Jenner fags.’

According to, the graffiti was noticed by Lyle Houston on Thursday morning (23 July). He called partner John Mcenerney after discovering the damage to their Wynantskill home. Wynantskill is located approximately 8 miles from Albany.

‘You would think my initial gut reaction would be like, “oh my God, I fear for my life.” I kind of feel more sorry for the person that they felt it was necessary to try to destroy somebody’s house,’ Mcenerney said to WNYT.

Both men report they are on good terms with neighbors. Neither is transgender; Mcenerney is confused why the spray-painting included the reference to Caitlyn Jenner.

Other damages include a a broken window pane on a side door and Houston’s Jeep window.

The two men say local police are investigating.

‘It’s kind of ridiculous that in this day and age we have to see stuff like this happen, but it does, even in Wynantskill,’  Mcenerney said to WNYT.

Below is a video of the WNYT report.