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New Yorkers rally to protest anti-LGBTI purge in Chechnya

New Yorkers rally to protest anti-LGBTI purge in Chechnya

Poster for 28 April rally protesting the gay purge in Chechnya torture

It’s been about a year since the news broke of gay men being tortured in Chechnya.

This month saw international rallies protesting this persecution.

Another rally took place on Saturday, 28 April in New York City. Attendees included RuPaul’s Drag Race queen Milk and YouTube star Tyler Oakley.

LGBTI television station Logo was also in attendance and covered the event on their Instagram story. Logo has been working since last summer to pressure the White House to take action in Chechnya.

The protest

The non-violent march was led by the organization Voices4, founded by LGBTI activist Adam Eli. Voices4 is demanding humanitarian visas for those in the LGBTI community who escaped Chechnyan persecution.

The organization published a digital action guide ahead of the 28 April event. The guide urges LGBTI individuals to use dating services like Grindr and Tinder to spread awareness about the situation in Chechnya.

The 28 April event also raised awareness for RUSA LGBT, an organization for Russian-speaking LGBTI individuals.

Back in October, Voices4 held another rally focusing on Chechnya, where advocates marched from the historic Stonewall Inn to Trump Tower.


Check out images from the 28 April event below:

Columbus Circle 12pm. Link in bio if you can’t come IRL and want to support URL.

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Because I am responsible for my queer family everywhere. Stay tuned

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