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New Zealand cop proposes to boyfriend at his police graduation

New Zealand cop proposes to boyfriend at his police graduation

New Zealand cop proposes to boyfriend at police graduation ceremony

A New Zealand cop officer proposed to his boyfriend at his graduation ceremony last week (28 June).

Constable Erik Meechan was graduating along with 77 other members of Wing 315 at the Royal New Zealand Police College.

He had just won the Commissioner’s Award for Leadership, when he stepped forward to make one more speech.

Meechan said: ‘Could Matty Judd please come forward?’

When his boyfriend came to the front, the New Zealand cop dropped to one knee and popped the question.

New Zealand Police posted the video to their Twitter page, including the hash tag ‘he put a ring on it’ in the caption.

Speaking to the New Zealand Herald after the proposal, Judd said: ‘We’ve talked about it for a while but it’s one of those things that will always be a surprise. He’s normally very reserved – I’m much more likely to do something extravagant.

‘I think he wanted to do something extravagant that I would appreciate. And I did,’ he said.

Meechan added: ‘We’ve been more or less through the whole process together so as this was the end of one journey it seemed like the right time to start another one.’

Public proposals at Pride

It’s not the only public same-sex proposal making waves across social media.

Two female paramedics got engaged during New York Pride last week (25 June).

EMT Trudy Bermudez got down on one knee in front of Paramedic Tayreen Bonilla.

The Fire Department of New York said on Instagram: ‘Congrats to #FDNY EMT Trudy Bermudez and Paramedic Tayreen Bonilla from #Station43 on your engagement at today’s #NYCPride2018 March!’

It is a similar story to when two police officers got engaged at Pride in London in 2016.

C Sam Philpot proposed to PC Martin Coughlan besides the statue of Eros in Piccadilly Circus. Footage of the proposal quickly went around the world.