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New Zealand gay couple kicked out of a nightclub for a kiss

New Zealand gay couple kicked out of a nightclub for a kiss

A gay couple were kicked out of a nightclub, in Nelson, New Zealand after they shared a kiss on the dance floor.

Two men, who wished to remain anonymous, were at Malbas Bar and Nightclub on Saturday night when a bouncer told them to leave, reported the daily New Zealand Herald.

A friend of the couple, Letizia Beyer-Rieger, told the New Zealand Herald how shocked they were when the bouncer approached them.

She said: ‘We were having a dance, doing our own thing, then one of them kissed the other.

‘As soon as that happened the bouncer came over, went nuts and said “sorry you’re not welcome here, you have to leave”’.

‘When we got to the door we asked why we were getting kicked out and he told us "Malbas isn’t a gay bar, go find somewhere else"’.

Malbas’ general manager, Anja Nicholson, posted an apology on the venue’s Facebook page saying: ‘I would like to extend my sincere apology to both people who were removed last night in this incident. And to all those who were offended by this.

‘When I heard of this, I was quick to talk to the bouncer involved and of course allowed the guy back in.

‘The opinions and views of any of the staff are not in direct relation to the opinions and views of our establishment, please do not allow this to taint your opinion of Malbas itself.

Please take my word that this matter will not be ignored’.

Letizia said they had no complaints against the manager: ‘She was great, the situation would have been a lot worse if she wasn’t there. But what the bouncers did is not right and we were all pretty disgusted’.

Jeanette Swift of Hospitality NZ said venues had a right to tell anyone they’re not allowed in their premises, except when it breached the Human Rights Act.

‘In terms of legislation, venues do have a right to tell anyone that they’re not allowed in the premise. But they can’t break the act. So they can’t say “you can’t come in because you’re gay, or black, or a girl”’.

New Zealand’s 1993 Human Rights Act outlaws discrimination on the grounds of sexuality.