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New Zealand preacher: ‘Gaypower’ is taking over the world

New Zealand preacher: ‘Gaypower’ is taking over the world

Kiwi preacher Brian Tamaki has warned ‘gaypower’ is taking over the world and turning an entire generation bisexual.

A New Zealand Herald journalist Friday paid $65 to attend the annual conference of the fundamentalist Christian church he founded in Auckland, Destiny, on Friday (29 May).

Tamaki, who is known for his homophobic views, told the 1,000-strong congregation that ‘gaypower’ was the biggest problem in the world at the moment.

‘Gaypower, that spirit is so powerful it’s changing political institutions and half of them don’t even want it, but they’re forced to,’ he said.

‘Churches are powerless. You go there now and you talk about that now and you’d be driven out of town.

‘Not by the gays, because they’re so well organized, but most of the neutral population agree with them. Gay is the new thing, it’s taking over the world.

‘It’s a fire that’s allowed to burn because the church ran out of fire. After a while the whole globe is going to be on fire.’