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New Zealand proposes third gender option for passports

Kiwis might be able to describe themselves as M, F or X on passports, if proposed changes go through in September

New Zealand proposes third gender option for passports

The New Zealand government is reviewing gender options on passports and looking into more flexibility for transgender citizens.

The Department of Internal Affairs suggests that New Zealanders can chose M, F or X to describe their gender, with only a statutory witness declaration needed as confirmation, not a medical certificate.

If a transgender person changes identity on the passport, it would be shown on that document only and not on birth certificates or citizenship records.

Currently the Births, Deaths and Marriages Act 1995 legislates that an adult or guardian of a child can apply to have their birth certificate changed to a different gender.

The Department is asking for views about these proposals from those affected and expects to implement a new policy in September 2012.

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