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Newlywed John Barrowman sounds off on marriage and relationships

Newlywed John Barrowman sounds off on marriage and relationships

John Barrowman says he and husband Scott Gill have a secret for staying together for two decades: tolerance and forgiveness.

‘I always say, if life is like a road, or a relationship is, then we have these speed bumps. Every so often they kind of jolt you,’ Barrowman tells We Love Soaps.

‘If there are any speed bumps in your relationship and life, is it really worth turning around and ruining everything for one little bump (or mistake)? Saying, ‘We’re going to stop this,’ or ‘End this, it’s no longer valid, blah, blah, blah?’

Barrowman adds: ‘My mom and dad always said that relationships are work; you work at them. If something goes wrong or someone makes a mistake, you have to be able to forgive and forget and move on from it. If you decide to end something because of something stupid – like someone making out with someone at a party because they were drunk – is it really ruining your whole relationship over it, just because of that one little mistake?’

Clearly Barrowman and Gill have learned to weather any storms and were quick to tie the knot earlier this month when same-sex marriage became legal again in California.

‘For Prop 8 and DOMA to be tossed aside – as soon as it happened, we celebrated by going out for cocktails that night, as soon as DOMA was pushed down,’ said the actor who is best known for Torchwod and now co-stars on Arrow.

‘We always said when the opportunity arose we would go ahead and do it," he says. ‘We just woke up that morning, we had an argument, and then we just decided to do it.’