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News anchor Mark Latham fired after calling feminist schoolboy ‘gay’

News anchor Mark Latham fired after calling feminist schoolboy ‘gay’

Mark Latham accuses schoolboy of being gay just because he's a feminist

A news anchor was fired after questioning a male feminist teen’s sexuality live on TV.

Mark Latham, former Labor leader and host of Outsiders on Sky News, was speaking a male student who took part in a video supporting women’s rights.

Outsiders is a far-right white male led conservative commentary show, with all three anchors considering themselves ‘friends of Trump’.

Latham said it was ‘clear’ the student taking part in the feminism video was gay.

Education Minister Rob Stokes also said the comments were ‘unacceptable’.

‘Adults in privileged high-profile commentating roles need to be mindful of the example they set for the community. Bullying of any kind is unacceptable,’ Stokes said.

He also made headlines for his comments on broadcaster Wendy Harmer for saying she is a ‘female with a disability’ and ‘commercial failure’. The radio host has a cleft palate.

Unless he apologizes, Harmer has argued Latham’s comments were defamatory and will take action.

Sky News chief executive officer Angelo Frangopoulos confirmed the decision on Wednesday afternoon.

‘I have today advised Mark Latham that his contract has been terminated,’ Frangopoulos tweeted.

‘While we support strong opinions and robust arguments, we pride ourselves in doing so in a civil and respectful manner.’

Sky News political editor David Speers said the termination was effective immediately.

Latham returned to his rarely-used Twitter account on Wednesday afternoon, slamming the ‘outrage industry’.

‘Why does bigoted Left assume use of word “gay” automatically negative?’ he said.

‘I love gays! Away from poisonous Left politics, they are great people.’