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Newspaper reveals criminal record of newly elected trans woman

Newspaper reveals criminal record of newly elected trans woman

A local newspaper has revealed the criminal record of the first openly transgender woman to be elected New Hampshire.

The Laconia Daily Sun reported that Stacie Laughton served four months in prison in 2008 on a charge of conspiracy to commit credit card fraud and was convicted of tire-slashing.

The charges occurred when Laughton lived in Laconia, a town nearby to Nashua where she was elected to the state’s House of Representatives at the election at the beginning of this month.

When Laughton lived in Laconia, from 2003 to circa 2010, she was still known as Barry Charles Laughton and ran unsuccessfully for public office there.

During Laughton’s final attempt at running for office in Laconia in 2009 she wrote a letter to the Laconia Daily Sun telling citizens of the New Hampshire town that she had changed her first names to Stacie Marie. She also said:

‘I have had a rocky last couple of years but I have definitely changed for the better and I have a new outlook on life… I have made mistakes in my personal life but I have paid my debt to society and I believe that through that it has made me stronger and it should not damage my ability to be a City Counselor.’

Laughton asked the people of Laconia to question her ‘so that they may know both sides of the story due to the fact that the press likes to tell only one side of what goes on’.

There is no law barring convicted felons of being elected to public office in New Hampshire. 

The Nashua Telegraph reported that Laughton declined to comment on the story this weekend but released a statement on Facebook saying:

‘I am sorry for the people that can’t let my past go… I don’t want to talk about my past nor do I care about my past. I live for today and my future.’