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Newstead Abbey flies Pride flag in honor of bisexual poet Lord Byron

Newstead Abbey flies Pride flag in honor of bisexual poet Lord Byron

An impersonator for Romantic author Lord Byron raised a rainbow flag at the poet's ancestral home in Nottinghamshire

Newstead Abbey, in Nottinghamshire, England, has flown a Pride flag to honor Romantic poet Lord Byron.

The former Augustinian prior, whose construction started in 1170, flew the rainbow flag on 18 July wit visitors and staff members in attendance.

Lord Byron raised the Pride flag

An impersonator dressed up as Lord Byron raised the flag, unfurling it from the abbey for the very first time.

The abbey is the ancestral home of George Gordon Byron, one of the historical leading figures of the Romantic movement of the early 19th century.

The author of Don Juan lived from 1788 to 1824. He was famous not only for his verses but also for his sexual attraction to both men and women.

Byron’s bisexual love affairs were legendary

Johnny Victory works in events at Newstead Abbey and plays Lord Byron. He said it was important to link people from the past to what is going on now.

‘The flag raised here allows us to make a connection between a well-known historical character and an important movement taking place today,’ he also told Nottinghamshire Live.

He then said: ‘Byron is internationally known and, of course, he is known for his passion with both ladies and men. He was bisexual and his love affairs are legendary.’

While Newstead Abbey is undergoing renovation, visitors can still visit the park and see the flags any day of the week 10am-5pm.

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