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This is why NHS England needs to change its mind on offering PrEP

This is why NHS England needs to change its mind on offering PrEP

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Earlier this year, NHS England announced it was not going to fund PrEP treatment for those wishing to protect themselves from HIV infection. It said it did not consider such preventative treatment to be its responsibility.

PrEP is a daily medication treatment, if taken daily, can reduce to risk of becoming infected with HIV to being almost non-existent.

It is available in such countries as the US and France, where many gay men have taken advantage of the treatment.

Sexual health and gay men’s health charities in the UK were hopeful the treatment would be taken up by the NHS. However, after a long consultation period, the agency announced in March it believed local authorities should take responsibility for funding PrEP – a stance that local authorities have disputed.

It confirmed this view again in May. The National AIDS Trust has since instigated legal action to try and make it change its stance.

Campaigners have continued to lobby the organization to reconsider its decision. Last Thursday (7 July), they protested outside the Department of Health in Whitehall, London.

GSN joined them to find out why they believe NHS England should change its mind.