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Nick Jonas has a man crush on 007

Nick Jonas has a man crush on 007

Nick Jonas is everywhere. If he’s not taking his shirt off at a New York City gay club, he’s talking to

In the wide ranging interview with the magazine,  the pop singer is asked to name his celebrity crush. The answer puts him in good company.

‘If you’re asking, it’s Daniel Craig,’ Jonas replied.

Is there a sane person who doesn’t get weak kneed around 007?

The pop singer adds more tidbits of information. He grew up on Stevie Wonder, Jackson 5, and Bee Gees, can’t go to sleep without watching ESPN’s Sports Center, and has transformed into a beauty pageant pundit.

‘I’m really in tune with them now. I can, like, call who’s gonna win if I watch a pageant … or what the top five would be. I can’t bet on it, I can’t go to Vegas and bet — I’d get in trouble,’ he explains.

He gained this expertise from a lady friend, and by watching the Bravo TV reality show Game of Crowns.

Bravo TV watching and affection for Mr. Craig? GSN loves!