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Nickelodeon cartoon introduces channel’s first gay married couple

Nickelodeon cartoon introduces channel’s first gay married couple

Nickelodeon reveals first same-sex married couple in cartoon

Nickelodeon has introduced its first ever gay married couple in popular animated series The Loud House.

In an attempt to show more LGBTI representation in its shows, this is the first male same-sex couple we’ve seen on the kids TV channel. RuPaul recently appeared in an episode of Bubble Guppies last year and it all started with Legend of Korra’s lesbian romance.

In the cartoon, 11-year-old Lincoln Loud is the only boy with 10 sisters trying to cope with the family chaos.

On the 20 July episode, Overnight Success, his best friend Clyde McBride comes over for a sleepover and it’s revealed to audiences he has two gay dads.


Howard, played by Michael McDonald, and Harold, played by Wayne Brady, are deeply overprotective over Clyde.

One dad has a hard time letting go, making sure Clyde has all he needs like a sleeping bag, footie pajamas, white noise machine, humidifier, dehumidifier, as well as emergency numbers for the restaurant, movie theater and gas station (in case they stop in there to pee).


The only joke is about that Clyde has two very overprotective dads, not about their sexuality at all.

And Howard is sure to get in a hug from his son, ‘who’s growing up so fast’.


As well as from his husband.


What we especially like is that Clyde and Lincoln talk about preparing to ‘make history’ for the sleepover. We wouldn’t be surprised if that was the Nickelodeon writers giving themselves a little pat on the back for some decent LGBTI representation in a kids TV show.

Watch the scene below: