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Nico Tortorella went to his first AA meeting drunk

Nico Tortorella went to his first AA meeting drunk

Nico Tortorella

Younger star Nico Tortorella has been sober for more than two years.

But sobriety got off to a fuzzy start for the sexually fluid actor.

‘My first AA I went drunk. I was a mess – a mess,’ he said during a recent episode of his weekly podcast The Love Bomb.

‘I was face timing with my therapist while I was driving – drunk. I was like, “I Don’t know what to do.” ‘I called my best friend and he said, “Stop driving, I’ll come pick you up and we’re going to a meeting.’

Although an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting as a turning point, that was one of only three meetings he’s ever been to.

‘I’m not a product of AA – not that I have anything bad to say about it. I think that it’s an amazing place.’

Tortorella now knows why he enjoyed drinking in the beginning.

‘I think for so long it was a creative outlet for me…. it allowed me to just break walls down in myself that I got turned on by,’ he says.

‘I could become these different people and take on these different characteristics and attributes and explore. Because as an actor that’s what we do all the time, we’re exploring other people. And it just opened shit up for me.’

But the drinking eventually got out of hand.

‘There came a point where it stopped doing that and closed everything for me and I was hurting myself and other people.’

He came to this conclusion: ‘This sucks and I want my life to be better.’