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Nico Tortorella participated at Women of the Year summit as non-binary figure

Nico Tortorella participated at Women of the Year summit as non-binary figure

Nico Tortorella

Glamour Magazine invited non-binary artist Nico Tortorella to their Women of the Year summit this year.

The invite and subsequent participation in the evening prompted Tortorella to discuss gender presentation on Instagram.

‘My first thought when asked to participate in any public female driven event is always this. Why me? I am not a traditional “woman,”‘ they wrote.

‘I mean my queer friends and I use she/her pronouns as terms of endearment, but I don’t think that’s the same.’

They further said the invite made them ‘spiral’ as they thought about ‘what it would feel like to be someone who looks like me up there talking to someone who looks like them’.

Tortorella came out as genderfluid and non-binary in May. A month prior, they married Bethany Meyers in a queer, polyamorous relationship.

We are all welcome

Tortorella wrote being ‘surrounded by these graceful powerhouse women from all walks of life’ reminded them that they are also welcome.

‘I realize pretty quickly how important it is for someone who looks like me, with my respectability politics and non-binary identity, to occupy and leverage predominantly cis female bodied spaces,’ they continued.

‘We need to find a way of addressing the discrimination faced by women without upholding the gender binary and all of its schemes like dividing the world into only ever two, and making us feel as if femininity and masculinity have to be distinct and opposing.’

Tortorella also described themselves as both masculine and feminine.

‘The more we feed into the binary the more divided we become. The sooner we all band together. Women, men, and everyone in between to not fight this issue but correct the imbalance, the sooner we will have some love based social order in this world.’

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