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Nigerian actress comes out as gay on Insta and the backlash is awful

Nigerian actress comes out as gay on Insta and the backlash is awful

Nigerian actress Alli Ojo has come out as a gay in an Instagram video, days after having posted the rainbow flag on her social channels in the previous days.

Ojo, who also works as a model, has shared a joyous video where she sets the record straight about her sexuality.

‘I’ve decided to explore this 2019 and I’m starting with my sexuality,’ she says in the video.

‘I’m going to coming out straight. I’m gay!’ she continues enthusiastically.

The actress furthermore added: ‘Frankly, guys, I’m trying new things and I urge you to support me. Even if you don’t, I don’t give a fuck.’

Same-sex intercourse is illegal in Nigeria

Her video was shared multiple times by local news outlets. Fans haven’t taken the Ojo’s decision to live her truth particularly well.

Same-sex intercourse is still illegal in Nigeria under federal law. It is punishable by death in some areas or up to 14 years imprisonment.

‘Who cares girl?? It’s 2019, I doubt if anyone wants to know. Kudos to you in your ‘coming-out’ sa. Save the video for your asylum processing though,’ someone commented.

‘Why are you shouting?? Please that’s your business,’ another wrote.

Another comment reads: ‘Mschew…..everybody wants to be popular.’

‘Since the abnormal is now becoming a Norm. So I will compare. Very soon, paedophiles will ask for their right too,’ someone else wrote.

Alli claps back

After reading the comments, Ojo released another video on her Instagram.

‘People will talk … I don’t care. Do what you want because you live only fucking once, guys,’ she says.

Nigerian celebs coming out

Ojo is just the latest Nigerian celebrity to come out. Dewy Oputa, the daughter of Nigerian singer Charly Boy, came out as gay on Instagram, sharing pictures of her and her girlfriend.

She also criticized her father for not talking to her while defending LGBTI rights in public.

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