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Nigerian police storm private party and arrest over 100 LGBTI people

Nigerian police storm private party and arrest over 100 LGBTI people

Nigeria man in handcuffs

Nigerian police arrested around 100 LGBTI after the raid of a private party on Saturday (9 June).

Speaking to Gay Star News, an attendee at the party – who wishes to remain anonymous – said he managed to escape, but witnessed the events unfold.

He said around 50 men surrounded and then forced their way into the Delta Park Hotel, where the event took place.

At around 11:45pm, police arrived at the party. When the party-goers noticed they were surrounded, they barricaded themselves in.

Then at around 1am, the police made a forced entry into the hotel.

Two gay men charged with gay sex in Nigeria

The eye witness says police also used tear gas to disorient the LGBTI people. Then, using excessive force, rounded up and began arresting people. He also claims the police ‘manhandled’ and ‘beat up’ most of the attendees at the party.

Another anonymous source said police targeted ‘effeminate men and masculine women’ when making their arrests.

This same source confirmed there were no casualties, but some people arrested sustained injuries.

Nigerian LGBTI people are still in custody

Over the course of the week, GSN’s anonymous source revealed police began granting some of the LGBTI people bail.

At around $150 (€128 £112) each, some of the arrested LGBTI people began posting bail.

This resulted in nine people getting bail on the first day. As of yesterday, there were 39 left in prison and now there’s 18, at the time of writing.

It is expected court cases will commence 25 June.

Local police did not respond to calls and messages from Gay Star News.

More to come.

Same-sex sexual activity is illegal in Nigeria, with sentences up to 14 years in jail. In the northern states of Nigeria, LGBTI people can also be stoned to death.