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Nintendo disables same-sex marriage avatar in popular game

Nintendo disables same-sex marriage avatar in popular game

Nintendo’s Japanese Tomodachi Collection: New Life for 3DS has disabled it’s ‘bug’ that allows same-sex marriage between male Miis.  

The company has released a statement saying that anyone experiencing ‘human relations that have become strange’ should update the program.

Once the program is updated the ability for male Miis to marry each other is disabled.

Fans of the children’s game are enjoying the bug that allows male Miis to marry, have baths with each other and get pregnant.

Pictures of the same-sex couples have been posted on social networking sites and some people have bought the game because of the default.

Tomodachi Collection: New Life gamers have taken to popular gaming blogs to discuss the update.

RecoilBrian posted to Kotaku: ‘If Nintendo is doing what I think they’re doing, then I just lost a little bit of respect for them. And calling it "strange"? Very poor choice of words.

‘Why is it that the world is seeing an increased support for gay rights, yet when it comes to kids, homosexuality is suddenly a dangerous thing that they need to be protected from? I’m tired of these double standards.’

And LordDisco said: ‘With the patch available, Nintendo is in no position of blame.

‘People who support the original can continue to play as normal, and people who don’t support it can download the patch and "fix" it all right up. It’s all a matter of perspective here.’

But some believe that by creating the update Nintendo is saying they do not support same-sex marriage and that if they had left the bug they would have remained natural.

Sims3, also a strategic life simulation game allows same-sex marriage. Electronic Arts the publisher of Sims3 and Nintendo’s competitor, support Sims3 decision for same-sex Sims to marry. 

Now that the update has been introduced some believe the original version will become a collectors item.