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Nintendo slammed for removing trans flag stage from Super Smash Bros.

Nintendo slammed for removing trans flag stage from Super Smash Bros.

One trans user's stage was taken down for being a 'political statement' by Nintendo

Gaming giant Nintendo is under fire after they removed a fan-made Super Smash Bros. Ultimate stage featuring a trans flag.

But Japanese merchant removed the stage for being a ‘political statement,’ inciting criticism from the trans community. With many creating more stages featuring the flag in retaliation.

Super Smash Bros. Ultimate is a crossover fighting game involving a laundry bag of various Nintendo characters brawling it out. The fifth instalment allows fans to make their own custom battlegrounds.

What happened?

‘So Nintendo has, in their infinite wisdom, decided that this stage featuring the trans flag violates their TOS [terms of service],’ tweeted user Warm Saffina.

‘In what way is the trans flag and there title “trans rights now” inappropriate and/or harmful, Nintendo America?’

However, Saffina received a response from Nintendo’s customer support team, who informed them that they took down the stage for being a ‘political statement.’

As a result, Nintendo suspended her account for nine hours.

What should trans and ally gamers do?

‘The supervisor told me they personally don’t agree with the ruling, and recommended I and others contact corporate,’ she continued.

‘Or visit the Smash support forums and leave messages that the trans flag and messages of support for trans rights shouldn’t be prohibited.’

She added: ‘So, for now, BE ADVISED that the trans flags or messages in favor of trans rights and general supportiveness of trans people is capable of getting your account suspended or banned for being “political.”


Moreover, Smash Bros. gamers are fighting back by re-creating similar stages featuring trans flags.

But Saffina even added the genderfluid and non-binary flags into a new LGBTI-positive stage, too.

Although Nintendo took down Saffina’s stage, Eurogamer reported that there are ‘between 70 and 80 trans rights stages still online.’

Gay Star News have contacted Nintendo America for comment.

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