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Nirvana’s manager reveals whether Kurt Cobain had gay lovers

Nirvana’s manager reveals whether Kurt Cobain had gay lovers

Kurt Cobain and RuPaul | Photo: FilmMagic

The frontman of Nirvana, Kurt Cobain, was a LGBTI ally far before it was popular.

That is one of the most significant memories of the rock legend in Danny Goldberg’s memoir.

Goldberg managed Nirvana in the early stages of their careers.

He was so close to Cobain that he saw him as a ‘second father’.

In his book, Serving the Servant: Remembering Kurt Cobain, Goldberg talks about the young songwriter.

He remembers how he campaigned against an offensive anti-LGBTI bill in Oregon.

Nirvana manager on whether Kurt Cobain had gay lovers

‘As far as I can tell Kurt never had gay lovers,’ he also said.

‘He had, however, long identified with the gay community as allies in the struggle against intolerance and bullying and many of his artistic heroes were gay.

‘Kurt described his hometown of Aberdeen to fanzine writers Jim Grotty and Michael Lane: “It’s a very small community with a lot of people who have very small minds. Basically if you’re not prepared to join the logging industry you’re going to be beaten up or run out of town.”

‘Proud of almost being gay’ 

‘Kurt added, “If I wasn’t attracted to Courtney, I’d be bisexual.”(The interview was in the couple’s apartment and Courtney, overhearing this remark, jokingly yelled “*****!” ).

Goldberg adds: ‘Kurt told Rolling Stone’s Michael Azerrad that in high school he was “proud of almost being gay. I had a gay friend who made a pass. I flatly told him I wasn’t gay but said I’d still be his friend. But I almost found my identity.”

‘Feminist music historian Ann Powers remembers being impressed by “the way Kurt presented himself to the world, the way that he performed queerness even though he himself was into women. In 2018 we have the term “gender queer,” meaning that the way you present yourself is separate from your sexuality. That was him in the early nineties when there was no name for it.’

The late legend, who died at 27, told people to not buy his music if they were homophobic.

He previously said: ‘I am not gay, although I wish I were, just to piss off homophobes.’

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