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NOM spokesman slams NFL's Chris Kluwe for gay marriage support in new video

Damian Goddard calls Kluwe 'idiot kicker,' Vikings star responds sharply

NOM spokesman slams NFL's Chris Kluwe for gay marriage support in new video

Minnesota Vikings punter Chris Kluwe’s vocal support of gay marriage has won him plenty of supporters but not everyone is a fan.

In a new video, National Organization for Marriage (NOM) spokesman Damian Goddard slams Kluwe calling him an ‘idiot kicker’ and a ‘bully’ who ‘railroaded the institution of marriage.’

‘He’s a kicker, he’s a pose in a gay mag shanking 20-yard punt kicker – an idiot kicker who uses tactics in open letters to state delegates,’ Goddard said.

Goddard was referring to the withering smackdown Kluwe gave to Maryland Assembly Delegate Emmett C. Burns in a scorching letter to  in September. The legislator had complained to the owner of the Baltimore Ravens when linebacker Brendon Ayanbadejo made public statements in support of same sex marriage.

The letter, in which Kluwe assures Burns he won’t turn into a ‘lustful cockmonster’ if gay marriage becomes legal, went viral.

In response to Goddard’s video, Kluwe took to Twitter to give his usual blunt assessment.

He calls Goddard’s complaining ‘about bullying by trying to bully someone … the definition of irony.’

Kluwe then addresses Goddard directly: ‘I’m curious. Where is the logical backing for your arguments? All I see are a bunch of ad hominem attacks and fallacies. I’m also curious , why you think that discrimination should be tolerated by people, especially those relying on freedom of religion. Also, , for future reference, I’m a punter, not a kicker. I’d say do some research, but clearly that’s beyond you.’

The athlete closed with this tweet: ‘You can deny you’re a bigot all you want, but when you discriminate against people, your actions speak for you.’

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