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Non-binary person slams ‘men’s rights activist’ over male privilege

Non-binary person slams ‘men’s rights activist’ over male privilege

A non-binary person has slammed a ‘men’s rights activist’ claims.

Nevo Zisin appeared on Australian TV show Hack Live, where debates are hosted between conflicting parties.

They went against a ‘men’s rights activist’ who has previously suggested male privilege does not exist.

However, Zisin explains when people view them as male, there is a noticeable difference in the way they are treated.

‘I’ve literally lived my life presenting in society as a woman and a man,’ they said.

‘I can tell you tangible evidence of male privilege that is unarguable.’

They explained when perceived as a man, people treated them with more respect.

‘I don’t get spoken over as much anymore, I don’t get interrupted as much. I’m really funny now—like, people laugh at my jokes now. They’re the same jokes,’ they added.

Zisin also went on to question what the ‘men’s right activist’ actually does to help men apart from ‘sitting here, talking about statistics and arguing who’s more attacked and who deserves it more,’

‘What are you doing to help men? That’s what I want to know,’ They went on to say.