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‘Women and non-binary’ Cambridge University gym session sparks protests

‘Women and non-binary’ Cambridge University gym session sparks protests

A poster at the University of Cambridge that reads: 'Women/Non-Binary only hour 7-8pm every Wednesday (Both Gyms and Pool), with 'women' and 'non-binary' crossed out and replaced with 'everyone'

A ‘women and non-binary only’ gym session sparked protests this week at the University of Cambridge.

Held at Girton College, a poster advertized it would take place every Wednesday between 7 and 8pm.

Namely, it asked men ‘please be respectful’ and ‘not come in’.

But protesters crossed out ‘women’ and ‘non-binary’ and replaced them with ‘everyone’.

‘This does not seem like a great sacrifice’

Girton College senior tutor Sandra Fultron responded to the backlash in an email to students advocating the college’s support.

She said: ‘This is to serve a community that is marginalized and does not necessarily feel safe or comfortable exercising with men.

‘It is only one hour a week, leaving about 83 additional daylight hours for men to use the facilitates.

She also said: ‘This does not seem like a great sacrifice.’

Girton College was Cambridge’s first women-only college in 1869 and became coeducational more than 30 years ago.

A Girton College spokesperson told The Independent: ‘We deplore the fact that a poster advertising access to the gym was defaced.

‘Following this isolated incident, the poster has been replaced.’

Courtney Act at Cambridge university

But this wasn’t the first time Cambridge held an LGBTI-inclusive event.

Drag Race star Courtney Act sang at the college in 2017 for a sermon held for LGBTI Cambridge Christian students.

Austrian Eurovision winner Conchita Wurst also stepped onto the stage.

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