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Non-gender-conforming kids caught on camera

Non-gender-conforming kids caught on camera

New York photographer Lindsay Morris has captured touching portraits of non-gender-conforming children at a summer camp.

Morris’ series of photographs titled You Are You is a sensitive portray of trans children expressing themselves. She hopes to publish a book of the photographs next year and will use profits to start a foundation to support the camp.

‘It’s really just an opportunity for these kids to meet other children who are like themselves,’ said Morris, ABC News reports. ‘The whole idea is that these kids feel very alone in life.’

The four-day summer camp was started three years ago by parents who met on an email list for the Children’s National Medical Center in Washington DC.

Timothy Synder whose son PJ, now 10, liked pink and purple when he was a toddler and started drawing pictures of himself as a girl when he started school, told ABC News that reports that the camp was ‘wonderful’ and ‘cathartic’ encouraged him to take part with his family.

‘What really riles people… is they think that instantly you are forcing a child into being gay or lesbian or transsexual,’ said Synder. ‘It’s not that at all. Our children really want to express a different gender identity and we have to be ready… because you just don’t know.’