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Nonbinary NASA intern slams trans military ban in viral tweet

Nonbinary NASA intern slams trans military ban in viral tweet


A NASA intern has caused a stir after their tweets condemning the trans military ban went viral.

Victoria Wegman, who is gender nonbinary, was referring to the ban on trans service people in the US military.

The ban temporarily came into effect following a decision by the US Supreme Court on Tuesday (22 January).

‘I’m a nonbinary NASA intern. Nothing about my identity makes me any less capable of working in the government,’ Wegman wrote in the tweet.

‘This administration is manufacturing oppression as a distraction from real issues,’ they added.

At the time of publication, the tweet has received more than 33,000 likes and over 8,000 retweets.

‘I’m shocked by this level of response’

Wegman is a senior at Ohio State University and worked at the NASA Langley Research Center last year.

‘I’m shocked by this level of response, and overwhelmed with joy by the number of people who have found hope and happiness just by seeing nonbinary people at NASA,’ Wegman told Fox 10.

‘It’s also terrifying because I feel exposed and susceptible to criticism, more than ever, by being accidentally in the spotlight for something so personal,’ they added.

Wegman’s tweet received a largely positive response, with numerous Twitter users expressing their support and thanks for the message.

Controversial ban

The controversial ban on trans personnel serving in the US military has caused outrage among the LGBTI community and rights advocates since it was announced by President Donald Trump in July 2017.

Numerous former military personnel have also spoken out against the ban.

Trans rights activist and former Navy SEAL Kristen Beck tweeted ‘[the] idea [that being] transgender effects “Lethality and effectiveness” which is total BULL SHIT’.

In an interview earlier this week retired four-star army general Stanley McChrystal described the trans military ban as ‘a mistake’.