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North Carolina political leader defends HB2

North Carolina political leader defends HB2

North Carolina Senate President Pro Tem Phil Berger argues for HB2

North Carolina’s anti-LGBTI law, HB2, is being championed by one of the state’s most important political leaders.

Phil Berger, the state’s senate pro tempore president, sent an 19 April letter to CEO’s insisting the regulation offers ‘common sense protections for North Carolinans.’

The letter, obtained by the Human Rights Campaign, is dated 19 April. Berger claims HB2 was required to block an upcoming regulation in Charlotte that was ‘at odds with existing statewide criminal law.’

Not only that, but the senator charges the Charlotte proposal would have placed the state’s economy at risk because it would have allowed other municipalities to create their own regulations.

As for HB2, Berg maintains the law is really about safety and protection of North Carolina residents.

‘I believe the Charlotte ordinance created a massive safety concern for families and law enforcement by opening a loophole through which any man could enter a woman’s changing facility,’ the senator writes. ‘If questioned, such a man could report identification with the opposite gender, and under Charlotte’s ordinance he would have as good a right as anyone to remain in that locker room.’

Berg adds ‘ill-intentioned, non-transgender individuals have used such laws to gain access to the bathrooms of minors of the opposite sex.’

As for transgender residents, as long as they carry amended birth certificates there will be no problems.

Matt Hirschy, director of advancement for Equality NC, issued a statement.

‘It is disheartening to see Senator Berger use the same misinformation that has dominated so much of the debate leading to the passing of the discriminatory House Bill 2,’ the statement said. ‘He appears to think that these executives, companies and their collective attorneys don’t fully understand the intention or focus of the bill when in fact they are very aware and worried. Furthermore, Senator Berger claims that “one of those narratives misstates the impact of the law,” yet he is quick to dismiss the countless people coming out against HB2 who are negatively affected by the bill.’