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Northern Ireland to march for equal marriage tomorrow

Northern Ireland to march for equal marriage tomorrow

Northern Ireland will march in their thousands to fight for marriage equality tomorrow (13 June).

The country is the only one out of the rest of the UK and Ireland to not recognize same-sex marriage, largely in thanks to the dominant DUP in the Assembly.

Glenn Patterson, who will chair the rally in central Belfast, said: ‘Almost all of Europe has shown it supports marriage equality. This Saturday we have the opportunity to say – to our politicians, to anyone with an ear to hear – WE DO too. We do, you know. We do.’

Northern Ireland bisexual actor Nuala McKeever, who made her name in Give My Head Peace, will also be attending the rally.

She said: ‘We have a wonderful chance in Northern Ireland to stand up for tolerance and love and to say to our law-makers, "The days of discriminating against people, based on religious teachings, are over".

‘The value of our democracy, which has been hard won with the sacrifice of many, is the recognition of every individual’s worth. The responsibility of our democracy is to demonstrate that worth in our laws. We do not want a society run on religious-based lines. That is the past. The future is freedom and respect for everyone.’

The march organizers are Amnesty International, the Irish Congress of Trade Unions and the Rainbow Project, who are asking marchers to assemble outside the Belfast campus of Ulster University from 2.30pm on Saturday.