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Norway Prime Minister supports church gay weddings

Norway Prime Minister supports church gay weddings

Erna Solberg, the Prime Minister of Norway, said she was disappointed by the Church of Norway’s decision to not marry gay couples today (16 April).

Last week (8 April), the Church of Norway voted against carrying out same-sex ceremonies in their religious buildings to the great dismay of its members.

Solberg told NRK: ‘I respect the Church of Norway’s decision [to not marry gay couples].

‘I’m a member of the church myself and of course I have my personal opinions.’

Solberg continued saying she personally believes and wants the church to perform same-sex ceremonies.

‘Personally, as a member of the church, I think performing the ceremonies is the way to go for the Church of Norway,’ Solberg said.

‘However as PM I don’t need to express my personal opinions in public. We have a secular state and church, so I must respect the church makes their own decisions.’ 

The Church of Norway has been in turmoil since the vote with people leaving the church in protest to what has been described as a ‘lack of love, understanding and equality’.

However Solberg said renouncing your membership of the Church of Norway was not a solution.

‘The best way to change the outcome of the Church of Norway’s decisions is to vote at the next church election,’ she said.

‘Ask critical questions to the candidates. You have to be an active part to make a change, not just leave.’