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Not feeling thankful? GSN staffers reveal a few personal ways 2016 was not all terrible

Not feeling thankful? GSN staffers reveal a few personal ways 2016 was not all terrible

What are you thankful for this year?

During times like these, it’s ok to be thankful about what you do have and what you treasure.

Whether you’re celebrating a ‘classic’ Thanksgiving with your family, bring your friends together or spend the day on your own, it’s a time to stop and think.

Between the Orlando shooting in June, which cost 49 people their lives, Brexit and the US election making Donald Trump the world’s most powerful man, 2016 doesn’t feel like the best of years.

But, in the spirit of the day, Team GSN all found something to be thankful for this year – so here are our Thanksgiving messages to you.

Tris Reid-Smith, co-founder and Editor-in-Chief

After Orlando, Brexit and Trump, people are more determined than ever to defend our shared values. I wish 2016 had been very different. But this Thanksgiving, I’m grateful there are so many people who are prepared to work together to build a better future – for LGBTIs and for everyone. And I’m thankful for the hope they give me. 2017, here we come.

David Hudson, Deputy Editor

I’m thankful that I got to attend the truly awesome Toronto Pride this year, experienced the Day of the Dead in Mexico City, and discovered Provincetown for the first time. I’m thankful I enjoy the privilege of travel, and that an increasing number of countries welcome me as a gay tourist.’

Joe Morgan, Editor-at-Large

I’m thankful for working towards restoring my mental health. At the beginning of this year, I was sleeping three hours at a maximum a night. While I’m still a work in progress, and 2016 has not exactly been kind, I’m getting better.

Jamie Tabberer, Travel Editor

‘I’m thankful for being able to live in a country where laws protecting the rights of LGBTI people are near-equal, and for being able to walk down the street holding hands with a guy and feel safe – most of the time.’

David Calderon

I’m thankful to have someone who loves me even when I’m extraordinarily cranky and anti-social.

Dan Beeson, Head of Engagement

I’m thankful for affording myself the opportunity to really focus on bettering myself as a person, as my mental health issues provoke me to think deeply about what I want from life and what I already have that I have been overlooking.

Lewis Peters, Video Editor

I am thankful for meeting my boyfriend and starting to build a life together where we are both proud of who we are and are happy to stand for #loveislove

Stefanie Gerdes, Homes Editor

I’m thankful for my health, the roof over my head, and for the people who manage to endure my snarky, sarcastic commentary and still like and support me. It’s great to have people who understand I need my space, don’t hold it against me if I don’t reply to their texts until two days later, and just take me for who I am: a theater nerd with some serious gaps in pop culture knowledge. Especially when it comes to celebrities (unless they were on Broadway).

Greg Hernandez, US correspondent

I’m thankful for my health – even more than usual – after losing 20 pounds and becoming more fit than I have been in years. No shortcuts – just 4-5 workouts a week at the gym. I’m most thankful that around May I stopped hating each and every moment of it.

What are you thankful for? (And yes, ‘nothing’ is a valid answer.)