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Novelty kitchenware that is top drawer

Novelty kitchenware that is top drawer

My kitchen is incredibly dull. After all, there’s only so much stainless steel you can take.

When you’re slaving away washing the pots and pans among the soap bubbles, a different sponge can make all the difference.

That’s why GSN is in love with Noki’s new products, especially a washing-up sponge featuring our very own diva.

Wearing an elegant designer (we’re pretty sure) red dress, bold silver sunglasses and an amazing afro, this sponge will be the star of your sink.

When you’re finished with washing up the cutlery, celebrate with some ice cream.

While it may not come with its own corgi, the Ice Queen Scoop is perfect for serving your favourite dessert.

Make sure you hold on to it for June, because after all what would be more perfect than watching the Queen’s Diamond Jubilee than with your own Ice Queen Scoop?

It will not only boost your dessert to royal standards, it has a soft section at the back of the scoop, allowing for easy release of the ice cream. So not only regal but functional too.

Noki has many products that aim to bring character to your kitchen, and a little novelty can bring a smile to any everyday situation.