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NSPCC CEO issues ‘full and frank’ apology to Munroe Bergdorf

NSPCC CEO issues ‘full and frank’ apology to Munroe Bergdorf

Munroe Bergdorf

Just hours after nearly 150 of its own staff condemned the charity, NSPCC CEO Peter Wanless has issued an apology to Munroe Bergdorf.

According to the BBC, Wanless admitted he and the company should not have cut ties with the trans activist in the way they did.

Bergdorf was severed from the children protection charity after transphobes hotly critisized the model being made the company’s first LGBTI campaigner.

What did Peter Wanless say?

The chief executive, who has headed the charity since 2013, admitted his regret over how he and NSPCC board members handled the situation.

Wanless told the BBC that they ‘offered a full, frank, and unreserved apology’ to Bergdorf.

This comes only hours after a letter from internal staff was sent to the board, expressing their ’embarrassment and shame’ over the board’s decision.

In the apology, he allegedly admitted the announcement of the company dropping the former Labour party adviser should have been delayed, rather than occur just two days after Bergdorf was first offered the job.

Moreover, he expressed his regret at what the board dropping Bergdorf from the Childline campaign caused her and the wider LGBTI community.

Finally, on the claims the NSPCC are transphobic, he said the board decided Bergdorf was ‘inappropriate’ because of her public statements.

To the board, such statements are in breach of the company’s safeguarded and equality policies.

What happened with the NSPCC and Munroe Bergdorf?

It took only two days for transphobic trolls to force the charity to sever ties with the 31-year-old Bergdorf.

Posting on Twitter, Bergdorf said the campaign was started by Janice Turner, a journalist from The Times, who asked the charity if the partnership was ‘worth the cancelled direct debits.’

Many transphobes pointed towards Bergdorf covering Playboy as a reason to pull the model.

But Bergdorf’s supporters have highlighted that the NSPCC has previously worked with the glamour models Melinda Messenger and Abbey Clancy.

‘Of course we regret any hurt’

Yet, this did not stop the charity’s move to cut ties with Bergdorf. This came despite her clarification she had never appeared in porn, and that demonizing those who do is not acceptable.

She said she was ‘unbelievably sad’ at the decision.

In an internal memo sent on Monday, Wanless acknowledged ‘a great deal of public feeling.’

He added: ‘Of course we regret any hurt caused to Munroe Bergdorf.’

Gay Star News contacted the NSPCC for comment.

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