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Nutella bans ‘lesbian’ in marketing campaign

Nutella bans ‘lesbian’ in marketing campaign

Nutella does not allow you to enter certain words

Nutella on Tuesday (24 February) launched an online marketing campaign in France inviting consumers to customize a jar of the chocolate spread with a personalized message.

‘Here you can create your custom messages and share them with those you love!’ the campaign website reads.

That is, as long as the person you love is not a ‘lesbian.’

Internet users quickly discovered that they were not allowed to certain words in their messages, including the word ‘lesbienne.’

They then opened the source code of the page to see the full list of the banned words.

They included a slew of insults and their spelling variations, and words related to unhealthy diets, such as ‘obese,’ ‘diabetes,’ ‘fat’ and controversial ingredient ‘palm oil.’

While gay and homosexual passed, ‘Muslim’ and ‘lesbian’ were forbidden.

‘Negative or insulting messages were directly removed from the field of possibilities,’ Nutella said a statement.

‘Similarly, words of communities that are often subject to attacks by malicious people to have been withdrawn.’