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NYC bombing suspect ‘hated gays,’ says mother of his child

NYC bombing suspect ‘hated gays,’ says mother of his child

Bombing suspect Ahmad Khan Rahami

Following the arrest of Ahmad Khan Rahami, the suspect for the explosion which happened in Chelsea, New York City, and injured 29 people on Saturday, police are still investigating the motive for the attack.

While the New York Times reports that the reason for the bombing still remains unknown, and that there is little information about Rahami’s ideology or if he has any links to terrorist groups, Fox News presents a scoop with quotes from the 28-year-old suspect’s former girlfriend.

According to Fox News, Maria (not her real name) was Rahami’s ‘high school sweetheart’ and the two have a daughter.

The woman said that she had not seen Rahami in two years and shared that he didn’t pay child support and would often rail against American culture.

‘He would speak often of Western culture and how it was different back home,’ she said. ‘How there weren’t homosexuals in Afghanistan.’

She added: ‘He seemed standoffish to American culture, but I never thought he would cross the line.’

In 2014, Rahami’s father had reportedly tipped the police about the possibility of his son being terrorist, but the F.B.I. had found no ties to terrorism after an investigation.

An official revealed that when Rahami was captured, he had a notebook with writings sympathetic to jihadist causes on him.

Maria shared with Fox News that the last time she knows of Rahami going back to Afghanistan, where he was born, was nine years ago, adding that he brought back a wife and another child.

The woman added that she did not want Rahami around their daughter, saying ‘I didn’t want him to see my daughter. If he loved her, he would have paid child support. My greatest fear is that he would try to take my daughter.’

Rahami is a naturalised citizen who came to the U.S. as a child. He lived in Elizabeth, New Jersey, above a fried chicken joint owned by his family.

On Sunday, a backpack containing five explosives on top of a garbage can was discovered at a train station in Elizabeth, about a half-mile from Rahami’s home.

He is also suspected of being involved in the planting a pipe bomb near the starting line of a Marine Corps charity run held in New Jersey’s Seaside Park.

He was taken into custody on Monday after being found sleeping in a bar doorway in Linden, New Jersey, and then shot in the leg in a gun battle with the police.