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Nyle DiMarco breaks down four big myths about sign language

Nyle DiMarco breaks down four big myths about sign language

Nyle DiMarco in his underwear on a beach

Today (23 September) is International Day of Sign Languages, so Nyle DiMarco wants to dispel four huge myths.

The ‘sexually fluid’ deaf model took to Twitter to wish everyone a happy National Deaf Awareness Month for September.

Nyle DiMarco shuts down columnist who says burqas 'disrespect' deaf people
Nyle DiMarco on holiday. | @nyledimarco / Instagram

He tweeted a thread on Wednesday (19 September) about myths surrounding deaf children and sign language.

He wrote: ‘There are many misconceptions about how a deaf child acquires [sign] language. I’m going to tell you FOUR COMMON MYTHS’.

Myth 1:

Nyle DiMarco then tweeted: ‘Bizarrely, there are doctors/early interventionists/audiologists that tell hearing parents not to expose their deaf child to sign language because it would hinder the ability to learn English.


‘A foundation in sign language helps your deaf child learn how to read and write,’ he tweeted.

Myth 2:

According to DiMarco, there are people who think sing language is not a language.

He tweeted: ‘Sign language is a full language with its own grammar, syntax, and structure.’

Myth 3:

DiMarco then tweeted: ‘People believe that sign language will hurt a deaf child’s ability to speak.


‘Early exposure to sign language actually supports the learning of speech,’ he wrote.

Myth 4:

The last myth Nyle DiMarco wants to break is that parents of deaf children need to be fluent in sign language before their kids can learn how to sign.

‘FALSE,’ DiMarco said. ‘Parents with deaf child can learn sign language together.’

Nyle DiMarco comes out

Nyle DiMarco rose to fame when he won reality television series, America’s Next Top Model in 2015.

The model then came out as ‘sexually fluid’ that same year.

Nyle DiMarco shirtless selfie explains National ASL Day
Nyle DiMarco helps explain the importance of National ASL Day. | Photo: Nyle DiMarco / Instagram

A year later, he competed in and won Dancing with the Stars – making him the first LGBTI winner of the show.

He’s a huge advocate for the deaf community and posted an amazing Twitter thread earlier this year on American National Sign Language Day.

He also recently shut down a columnist who said burqas are disrespectful to deaf people.

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