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Offensive ‘comedy’ sketch of gay man being assaulted goes viral in Nigeria

Offensive ‘comedy’ sketch of gay man being assaulted goes viral in Nigeria


In discouraging news from Nigeria, a ‘comedy’ sketch promoting the sexual assault of a gay man has gone viral.

Posted by comedian Ogusbaba, who stars as an effeminate gay man, the video starts off with Ogusbaba on his phone in bed.

A man played by actor Stephen Odimgbe, knocks on the door and Ogusbaba excitedly invites him in: ‘I’ve come to fulfil the promise that I made that this night is going to delight,’ Odimgbe says.

Ogusbaba asks: ‘So we’re going to have some fun, right?’

‘Oh yeah, we are going to dig it down together,’ replies Odimgbe.

But then, Odimgbe clicks his fingers and two intimidating guys walk into the room.

The confrontation then becomes an aggressive exchange of insults and threats.

Odimgbe mocks Ogusbaba in a high-pitched voice: ‘I love you, you’re the apple of my eye.’

Then the two men who walked into the room, actors Sean and Jnr Pope, begin to pull out objects they’re going to sexually assault Ogusbaba with.

Starting with a banana, Jnr Pope says: ‘This one’s too small, don’t worry yourself,’ then pulls out a cucumber from the backpack.

Then a paw paw.

And finally a yam with a bottle of olive oil.

The video has attracted a lot of attention, with some comments quoting the bible and praising the actions in the video.

But international activists have condemned the video, including Nigerian pastor Rev. Jide Macaulay: ‘It glorifies and glamorizes homophobic attacks faced daily in reality by many LGBTI people in Nigeria.’

‘Ogusbaba need to understand that this is not funny. Your comedy is giving licence to haters to attack gay people.

‘We urge Ogusbaba to withdraw this sketch, apologise to the gay community and condemn any homophobic abuse as a result of this comedy,’ Rev. Macaulay said.

Watch the video below: