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Ohio black voters back gay marriage following Obama support

Polls reveal Ohio’s African-American voters are in favour of gay marriage after the president expressed support

Ohio black voters back gay marriage following Obama support

Following Obama’s announcement of support in equal marriage, African-American voters in the USA state have changed their minds on the issue.

The poll, released by Public Policy Polling to the Huffington Post, returned 42 percent for and 35 percent against same-sex couples marrying.

This is an increase from the October 2011 poll which returned 63 percent against and 16 percent supporting marriage equality. 

However the president’s endorsement has not had much impact on the rest of Ohio.

According to the poll, over 50 percent of all voters surveyed said same-sex marriage should remain illegal.

Although Obama’s support was deemed controversial, the Huffington Post also reports 55 percent of black voters in North Carolina are in support of the cause.

This is contrast to the 2008 prop 8 in California, when African-American churches was pointed out as a key factor in its legalization. 

These polls reveal little negative impact on the black voter demographic, as the top concern of black voters remains the rates of unemployment in the African-American community.

Support for Obama has never dropped below 85 percent in the black voter demographic since the president entered office in 2008.

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