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‘Old, fat lesbians’ who love smoking pot become Instagram famous

‘Old, fat lesbians’ who love smoking pot become Instagram famous

two women in sunglasses with a pineapple and inflatable flamingo. one is smoking a bong made from a barbie doll

In just a couple of weeks the ‘420 old fat lesbians’ have gained such a strong online following it would turn many Instagram ‘influencers’ green with envy.

Sue and Lee posted for the first time on Instagram only 14 days ago. But in that time they’ve amassed almost 44,000 followers.

The couple of 12 years – and married for four – created their viral Instagram account because they ‘were tired of the stigmas and stereotypes surrounding marijuana and sexuality’.


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Be ok with yourself no matter what

Retired to Maine a few years ago after living in Florida, the women take to Instagram to celebrate all things pot, ageing, being fat and lesbian. Maine has restrictions on marijuana use, but the women have prescriptions to use it legally and medically.

‘We also wanted people to know everyone needs to be okay with themselves, no matter age, weight, sexuality, or anything else,’ the couple told Gay Star News.

The women proudly embrace their marijuana use and celebrate in their Instagram posts which have gained thousands of views. ‘I’m about to tap this sweet lady,’ Sue says in one video before lighting a home made tool to smoke marijuana.

Most recently the couple choreographed a routine to the song, We Are Family, as they danced in sunglasses and bandannas tied around their heads on what looked like a fun Friday night at home. They summon ‘stoner spirits’ with their ‘weed-ja board’

In their most recent video the women claim they don’t miss the tropical life in Florida as Sue lights a bong on a mermaid Barbie doll.

‘This skinny little freak is about to get her bush lit up,’ she said.


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The creative process

‘The ideas [for the Instagram] come from our own minds, then we chat about it a minute and decide if we should use it or not,’ the couple said about their creative process.

The women said they could not believe the response they’d had to their Instagram account.

‘We are totally humbled by the response. We are just two regular women who are going through life doing the best we can,’ they said.

Their final message for their fans was simple.

‘Basically it doesn’t matter what others think as long as you’re okay with yourself,’ they said.

Find Sue and Lee on Instagram, @420oldfatlesbians.