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Olympian Ian Thorpe races his scantily clad boyfriend for marriage equality

Olympian Ian Thorpe races his scantily clad boyfriend for marriage equality


Australia’s most successful Olympian has called on Australians to update their electoral details in the cutest possible way.

Ian Thorpe – the five-time gold medal winning swimmer – stars in a cute video with his boyfriend, model Ryan Channing.

In the video Thorpe says he can update his electoral details faster than Channing can swim 100 metres. Channing is standing behind him in his speedos at the edge of a 50m pool

The couple starred in the video to remind people to update their electoral details or enrol to vote. Australians have until August 24 to update or enrol ahead of the public survey.

About 10 days ago Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull said Australia would decide on the issue of marriage equality via a postal survey.

‘If you support marriage equality you need to enrol to vote or update your details by August 24 and you can do that online,’ Thorpe says in the video.

‘Enrol to vote or update your details today at

The notoriously private Thorpe joined the Equality Campaign’s drive to promote the ‘yes’ vote alongside his boyfriend, Channing.

‘Every Australian should have the right to take the plunge with the person they love,’ Ryan Channing says in the video.

Postal survey

The decision to decide marriage equality by a non-binding postal vote has been controversial.

Marriage equality advocates have launched two seperate petitions in the High Court of Australia to have the survey scrapped. The hearings are scheduled for early September.

Over the weekend a series of homophobic posters popped up around Melbourne, contradicting PM Turnbull’s promise that Australians could have a ‘respectful debate’ on the issue of marriage equality.

The latest Newspoll on the issue was published in The Australian newspaper revealed 67% of people would ‘definitely’ vote in the voluntary survey. Two-thirds of those who are ‘definitely’ voting will be voting ‘yes’.


After years of speculation about his sexuality, Thorpe came out in an exclusive interview with Michael Parkinson in 2014.

Since then he has only done a few media interviews about his sexuality and rarely speaks about his relationship with Channing.

But the two joined forces recently to become ambassadors for marriage equality with advocacy group The Equality Campaign.