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Olympic body challenge: Let the games begin

Olympic body challenge: Let the games begin

If you live in London, it’s hard to ignore the overblown global sporting event which is looming on the horizon like a hulking Trojan horse, stuffed full of hopes, dreams and, mainly, empty promises of a brighter, fitter tomorrow.

That’s right, it’s a leap year and the Olympics are coming to the UK capital whether the recession-weary people of Britain like it or not.

While the government hopes it will inspire the country’s increasingly flabby and immobile population to get off their bums and work up a sweat, the reality is most people who can’t actually get a ticket to the games will, in fact, be encouraged to do exactly what we’re being told not to do – become coach potatoes watching the events on the telly box.

However, unlike many Londoners suffering from pre-Olympic fatigue as a result of the event’s relentless publicity machine, I can’t wait for the iconic torch to arrive at its final destination in East London – after all, what’s not to love about an event which features muscular, toned athletes in spandex?

Embracing the spirit of the games, I have decided to do more than just ogle at the sportsmen’s ripped physiques and pinch my widening midriff in despair.

This year I want to look and feel like an Olympian. I want all the lovely bumps, lumps and humps of a world class athlete and, of course, the attention a ripped, shredded, torn, diced and sliced body gets. I want to be Tom Daley in budgie smugglers dancing on the beach to LMFAO, while the world collectively orgasms with excitement.

With the help of Maximuscle, the UK and Europe’s number one nutrition brand, I am ditching the cakes, the beer and the hours spent on the sofa watching CSI and TOWIE in favor of a healthy diet, the gym and heart-pumping exercise and sport.

Over the next three months, I will be taking on Maximuscle’s lean body challenge program, working out three times a week and sticking to a healthy and nutritious diet, while taking the company’s lean definition protein shake Promax Diet, as well as daily supplements CLA-1000 and Thermobol, both proven to help with weight loss and preserving lean muscle.

While I have been known to hit the gym in the past, now 31 years old and in a long-term relationship, my work-out regime has gone from a torrent to a trickle of energy and enthusiasm.

But when my supply of Maximuscle goodies arrived in the Gay Star News office last Wednesday (14 March), I knew there was no going back and, as Olivia Newton John once warbled, it was time to get physical.

However, as I have discovered just five days into the challenge, getting the physique of an Olympian is not just about blood, sweat and tears, it’s also about mind over body.

Sticking to the starter diet plan provided by Maximuscle nutritionist Gareth Nicholas was the biggest initial hurdle.

The trick is to develop a calorie deficit- the magic that makes weight loss possible. It forces your body to use fat stores for energy, which over time enables weight loss.

But while it looks pretty simple and straightforward, breaking the high fat, high calorie habits of a lifetime is no mean feat.

Admittedly, I am consuming seven meals a day, but unfortunately none of those include chocolate or alcohol – vices which I have come to rely on to stay sane in the big smoke.

Suddenly stripped of my favorite food and beverage and pushing my body harder than usual in the gym, after the initial post-exercise endorphin rush, I was left uncharacteristically moody.

Snapping irrationally at my partner when he offered me a sugary drink – the calorific equivalent of a lunch – I realized that changing my lifestyle overnight was not going to be the walk in the park I thought it would be.

But like kicking all bad habits, from smoking to farting in elevators, it was going to take time and despite feeling like the Hulk without the bulk I’m not quite ready to cash in my chips when the game has barely begun.

So bring on the aches, strains and junk food cravings, because beauty is pain and I’m not going to stop until I’m in agony.

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Maximuscle is the UK’s leading sports nutrition brand. The Hemel Hempstead-based company, which is part of the GlaxoSmithKline (GSK) owned Maxinutrition group, Maximuscle is now the choice of over 1,000 elite athletes and professional sports teams including the England and Wales Cricket Board, the Welsh Rugby Union, the Rugby Football Union, Everton Football Club, London Wasps and Northampton Saints, as well as individuals such as Courtney Lawes, Stuart Broad, and European gymnastics champion, Daniel Keatings. For more information visit