Olympic diver Matthew Mitcham got married but his uncle was in quarantine

  • Gay Olympic gold medalist Matthew Mitcham explains how he won his British partner.

Olympic gold medalist Matthew Mitcham is officially off the market – the gay Australian diver has married his partner Luke Rutherford.

The wedding on 25 February was at the historic Chateau de Halloy in the town of Ciney, Belgium.

The big day follows a technical and legal wedding in England earlier this month.

But it was in Ciney that the couple chose to celebrate their marriage with friends and family.

However, they hit one problem. Matthew’s uncle could not attend because he was in quarantine. He was a passenger on the Diamond Princess cruise ship that the Japanese authorities are holding in quarantine after an outbreak of the COVID-19 coronavirus on board.

‘Lovely gestures, loyalty, gazing adoringly and trips to IKEA’

Brisbane-born Mitcham became famous when he achieved the highest score for a dive in Olympic history. It helped him with gold in the 10 meter diving at the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing, China.

As a result he became the first openly gay athlete to win an Olympic gold medal. He also was the first Australian male to win an Olympic gold in diving since 1924.

Matthew Mitcham and his husband Luke Rutherford on their wedding day. Instagram

It is thought he met British Luke Rutherford when Luke visited Australia in 2018.

After Rutherford’s visa expired, he had to return home. But Mitcham moved to his hometown in Oxfordshire, England to stay with him. The pair announced their engagement in June 2019 after they had been together seven months.

Their wedding photos see the handsome pair in matching sky-blue three-piece suits and black bow-ties with white roses as their buttonholes.

On his Instagram post about the weddings, Matt jokes: ‘After a sustained period of lovely gestures, loyalty, gazing adoringly and many trips to IKEA, I managed to trick @lukeyluke8 into falling in love with me, proposing and finally marrying me.

‘Now he’s stuck with me forever and ever, ha!’