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Olympic diver Tom Daley has come out as bisexual

Olympic diver Tom Daley has come out as bisexual

British Olympic bronze medal winning diver Tom Daley has come out as bisexual and said he is currently in a gay relationship.

Daley, now aged 19, won the hearts of the UK and people around the world in 2008 when he was the youngest Team GB competitor in the Beijing Olympics.

Last year, in the London Olympics 2012 he won bronze in the 10 metre platform dive. He is also a gold medalist for the World and European Championships and Commonwealth Games.

In a YouTube video posted today (2 December), he reveals he has been dating a guy since spring and ‘couldn’t be happier’.

Daley said: ‘In an ideal world I wouldn’t be doing this video because it shouldn’t matter. But recently I was misquoted in an interview and it made me feel really angry and frustrated.

‘For me honesty is something I really do believe in. One thing I have never really felt that comfortable talking about are my relationships. I have been dating girls and have never really had a serious relationship to talk about.

‘Come spring this year my life changed massively when I met someone. It made me feel so happy, so safe and everything feels just great. That someone is a guy.

‘And it did take me by surprise a little bit. It was always in the back of my head something like that could happen. But it wasn’t until spring this year it clicked. It felt right.

‘Of course I still fancy girls but right now I am dating a guy and it just feels right.

‘People are going to make a big deal of this. Is it a big deal, I don’t think so. But I wanted to say something.’

He said the friends and family he had told so far had been very supportive.

But he added: ‘I told the rest of my family today and let’s just say they had mixed opinions.’

In the video he also spoke about how hard it was to lose his dad to cancer in 2011. His father had been a key supporter for his diving career. And he referenced ‘the bullying situation at school’.

Watch the video here: