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Olympic swimmer Ian Thorpe wants to have a baby via surrogate

Olympic swimmer Ian Thorpe wants to have a baby via surrogate

Ryan Channing and Ian Thorpe have been spotted together around Sydney.

One of Australia’s greatest Olympians has announced he is having a baby with his partner.

Former swimmer Ian Thorpe announced he is expecting baby with long-term boyfriend Ryan Channing. The couple confirmed they are in the process of finding a surrogate.

Thorpe represented Australia in swimming and came out as gay after his retirement. Since coming out the Olympic gold medallists has worked on anti-bullying campaigns and campaigned for marriage equality in Australia.

The couple told the Daily Mail they will find a surrogate in Los Angeles because Australia does not allow commercial surrogacy.

‘Becoming parents is something that Ian and myself would love to make happen,’ Channing said.

‘Unfortunately the laws in Australia are difficult for same sex males in regards to surrogacy — California state law has really progressed in this space which makes it the best option legally.’

Thorpe, 36, revealed the couple had planned to start a family for a while, but it was still ‘early days’.

The men began dating in 2015 and have faced a lot of media interest in their relationship.

Thorpe came out in 2014 during an interview with TV host Michael Parkinson after years of speculation about his sexuality.

The retired swimmer hit the public spotlight again during Australia’s national vote on marriage equality. Thorpe and Channing campaigned publicly to convince Australian people to vote ‘yes’ to same-sex marriage.

They even appeared in a TV advert for the ‘yes’ campaign, where Thorpe proved he could update his electoral details faster than his boyfriend could swim 100m.

‘Every Australian should have the right to take the plunge with the person they love,’ he says in the video.

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