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One Day at a Time saved by Pop TV following Netflix cancellation

One Day at a Time saved by Pop TV following Netflix cancellation

One Day at a Time

Following the emotional outcry when Netflix canceled its Latinx family show One Day at a Time, the series lives on — now at Pop TV.

The CBS-owned network greenlit the show for a 13-episode season four airing sometime in 2020. Netflix first canceled the show in March and LGBTI fans were heartbroken.

One Day at a Time, based on the Norman Lear 1975-84 show of the same name, follows a modern-day Latinx family living in the Los Angeles neighborhood Echo Park.

Critics and LGBTI fans praised its representation, both in terms of sexuality and gender.

CBS immediately jumped on trying to save the show, but there were complications with Netflix’s ownership and contracts. Now they’ve succeeded and One Day at a Time lives to see another day.

The first three seasons will remain on Netflix, but Pop owns the linear rights to the show, meaning they can use those first three seasons in their marketing campaign. Further, once season four ends on Pop, it will air again on CBS, allowing people who don’t have access to Pop to wach it.

A perfect storm

Pop was also the home of the beloved LGBTI show Schitt’s Creek, whose upcoming sixth season will be its last.

As that show announced its conclusion, One Day at a Time and its fans scrambled to try and find a way for the series to remain airing. Pop TV became the natural fit.

‘When we looked at the success we’ve had with Schitt’s Creek, we felt that was because of how it championed love and kindness, and how it has a lot of emotion mixed with a lot of heart and comedy,’ Pop president Brad Schwartz told Vulture.

‘And when you look at One Day at a Time, you see it does the same [thing]. They deal with inclusion and love and acceptance and family. They pull on your emotions and they make you laugh. There are such parallels to what helped Schitt’s Creek break through on Pop.’

This is the first example of a streaming show moving to cable network. Before this, streaming sites either saved network shows, or shows hopped from network to network, as in the case of Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

Fans are thrilled

It’s a good day for One Day at a Time fans, and that includes even its own stars.

Latinx celebrities who love the show, and have been on the show, also tweeted the good news.

Fans immediately took to Twitter. They expressed their excitement and what the show means to them.

Now time to get Pop TV.

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