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One Direction’s Liam ‘plays gay' in new music video

The 19-year-old pop star dresses up as a camp choreographer in new music video 'Best Song Ever'

One Direction’s Liam ‘plays gay' in new music video

One Direction may be one of the biggest boy bands in the world thanks to their legion of young female fans, but that does not stop them from delving into gay stereotypes.

Liam Payne will be playing a camp choreographer Leeroy in their upcoming ‘Best Song Ever’ music video, where the five boys will be dressing up as different characters.

In a preview video, it shows Payne in high-waisted trousers, a tank-top cardigan and big glasses.

‘Ooh, I love your blouse. It goes great with your eyes,’ he says in a camp voice at the end of the teaser clip.

Zayn Malik will be dressing up as a girl, with Harry Styles playing a geek, Niall Horan portraying an old businessman and Louis Tomlinson’s character a balding studio executive.

The revelations have got the British boy band’s fans somewhat upset, occasionally for different reasons.

On Twitter, one said: ‘liam will be dressed as a gay choreographer um im uncomfortable.’

Another said: ‘why did they have to make liam gay in the [Best Song Ever] music video why not louis or harry it would have been a lot hotter imo.’

‘Best Song Ever’ will be released on 22 July and serves as a promotional single for their upcoming 3D movie This Is Us.

Check out a teaser video below: