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One Direction’s Harry Styles inspired trans to come out

One Direction’s Harry Styles inspired trans to come out

A transgender man has spoken about how his obsession with One Direction helped give him the courage to come out.

The student from Lisborn, Purtugal, has found that modelling himself on his idol Harry Styles has given him ‘the guts to be transgender’.

The 20-year-old, who goes by his surname Best but refers to himself as Catarina on Facebook, told UK magazine Closer: ‘I wanted to model my new look on someone. I followed One Direction on X Factor and love their music, so I decided to look like Harry if I could.

‘People say my bone structure, eyes and lips are almost identical to Harry’s and I’ve been asked for autographs. I haven’t started dating yet, but girls flirt with me and I even get chatted up by older women, like Harry does.’

Best was diagnosed with gender dysphoria and is planning on taking hormones next year.

His fascination with Styles has also helped him with his parents.

He said: ‘They thought they could talk me out of my “condition”. It hurt when they said I’d always be a girl to them. But having a role model like Harry makes it easier.’