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One Direction’s Louis slams ‘gay article’: ‘I am in fact straight’

One Direction’s Louis slams ‘gay article’: ‘I am in fact straight’

One Direction’s Louis Tomlinson has called out a journalist for writing an article saying he appeared to be supporting Apple CEO Tim Cook who has just come out as gay.

The British singer, who because of being in the band is subject to rumors over his sexuality, responded to the article. He said: ‘I am in fact straight.’

The 22-year-old was recently seen wearing a T-shirt with a rainbow Apple icon. The Independent’s Jenn Selby questioned whether it could be to do with Cook or even Harry Styles who recently suggested he could be bisexual.

‘The fact that you work for such a "credible" paper and you would talk such rubbish is laughable. I am in fact straight,’ Tomlinson directly tweeted her.

‘Google "original apple logo" and you will see the one printed on my shirt that you reported on. Trying to look for a promotion?’

He concluded: ‘Fucking ridiculous I even have to tweet that shit!’

The journalist said she was sent death threats by fans of One Direction following Tomlinson’s remarks.

Over a series of tweets, Selby said: ‘Hi @Louis_Tomlinson thank you for your tweet. I’m sorry you found our article in any way insulting. At no point did we insinuate anything about your sexuality or mention your relationship, and nor would we.

‘We were merely speculating as to whether you’d shown your support to a brave man facing some persecution for his decision to come out in public recently.

‘I’d like to remind my readers that being called "gay" should never be insulting & that standing up for #LGBT rights is an admirable thing to do.

‘I’d also like to remind Directioners that calling a woman a "bitch" is never OK – and neither are death threats and to thank those Rainbow Directioners who have tweeted it for their support. It is much appreciated.’

One of the One Direction fans’ most popular ‘couple’ to ship is between Styles and Tomlinson, known as ‘Larry Stylinson’. This is despite Tomlinson calling the rumors ‘upsetting’ and a ‘conspiracy theory’.