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One-in-three Scottish men believe that same-sex relationships are ‘wrong’

One-in-three Scottish men believe that same-sex relationships are ‘wrong’

Scotland same-sex relationships

Almost one-third of men in Scotland still believe that same-sex relationships are ‘wrong’, according to a new survey.

The survey also found that one in five Scots think that same-sex sexual relations are wrong.

LGBTI rights groups in Scotland have said the survey shows that more work needs to be done.

The nationwide survey published on Friday was conducted by polling company Survation, with research from the Humanist Society Scotland (HSS), i Newspaper reports.

It comes four years after the first same-sex marriages took place in Scotland.

‘We cannot be complacent’

Colin Macfarlane, the director of Stonewall Scotland, said that despite the progress of LGBTI rights in Scotland, the numbers show those who are advocating for LGBTI equality ‘cannot be complacent’.

‘We know that in Scotland one in five people have experienced a hate crime in the last year because of their sexual orientation or gender identity,’ Macfarlane said.

‘We know that only half of lesbian, gay, bi and trans people feel comfortable being open about their sexual orientation or gender identity with their family and two in five trans people avoid certain streets because they don’t feel safe.

‘Scotland has changed for the better over the course of the last 30 years, but there is much more to be done before everyone is accepted without exception.’

Progress for LBGTI rights in Scotland

The figures highlighted in the survey stand in contrast to Scotland’s image with regards to LGBTI rights.

Scotland is often cited as one of the most LGBTI-friendly countries in Europe.

Last month, the Scottish Government announced plans to introduce the world’s first LGBTI school curriculum, which received widespread praise from LGBTI and equal rights advocates.

Scotland is also on track to become the first country in the UK to officially recognize a third gender.

Last month, a public consultation backed by the Scottish government found that 65% of respondents were in favor of creating a legal third gender, with 56% supporting legal recognition of non-binary people.

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